It is a paid update for all users with a custom price defined by you.

Suggested prices:
$5 - non-commercial use
$15 - freelancers (1 workstation installation)
$25 - companies with revenue under $100k/year
$40 - companies with revenue above $100k/year

If Bookmanager gives you a lot of benefits feel free to give more than the suggested price. If you can’t afford suggested price, contribute what you can or contact us for a free version. Your contribution goes for this product update and new products we are going to create.

Paying fair – you do good for yourself.

100% Money back guarantee!
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What's new in Bm 2

Custom dimensions

Ability to set shelves dimensions in viewport by moving vertices of dummies splines.

Books rotation option

There is no need to setup your shelf anymore. Books rotation option allows you to define books XY orientation on the shelf very quickly.

Test my books option

You don't need to prepare your books manually anymore. Bm2 can check your books and automatically fix them.

Exclude from clone

Big bright books look unrealistic in many copies. This option allows you to define the books that will be placed by Bm2 in one copy only.

And many more

  • New user-friendly UI design. It is now horizontal with every option visible.
  • The process of adding books and polygons is more intuitive.
  • Quantity of added books and shelves is shown in the UI.
  • Check buttons for quick turning on/off sections with leaning/horizontal/flipped/series.
  • Presaved presets for quick start and ability to create your own
  • Generate random preset to test your luck
  • Sample book 3d model
  • Option to quickly remove books/shelves added to Bm
  • 3ds Max 2018-2019 support