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Bookmanager changelog

Bookmanager 2.2 (June 2018)

Fixed bugs
! Fixed some problems if Meters set in System Units Scale

Bookmanager 2.1 (April 2018)

Fixed bugs
! Error while adding polygons if UVW modifier was applied fixed
! Error while adding polygons because of Command panel settings fixed

Bookmanager 2.0 (January 2018)

New features:
+ New user friendly UI design
+ Shelves dummies are generated after adding polygons or instantly in array and are always visible later on
+ Ability to set shelves dimensions in viewport by moving vertices of dummies splines
+ Test my books option allows you to check if your books 3d models have proper pivot orientations and if not automatically fix them
+ Sample book 3d model goes with Bm package and allows you to test your shelves or to understand how any book pivots should be oriented
+ Books rotation option to quickly define books XY orientation on the shelf polygons without changing shelf pivot
+ Presaved presets for quick start and ability to create your own
+ Generate random preset to test your luck
+ Exclude from clone object color option allows you to define books that should be placed in one copy only
+ Option to quickly remove all or selected books added to Bm
+ Option to quickly remove all shelves added to Bm
+ Quantity of added books and shelves is shown in the UI
+ Check buttons for Leaning, Horizontal, Flipped books and Books series for quickly turning on and off these options
+ ? buttons for every rollout to open help for the section
+ Protection against adding polygons with normals turned downward
+ Edit poly modifier support
+ 3ds Max 2018 support
Modified features
* A more intuitive way to add books and polygons to Bm
* Min fill(%) Max fill(%) options was changed to Quantity(%) and Random(%)
* Cancel button closes Bm and removes everything created, while X button clear generated books
* Min/Max shelves slider in Leaning, Horizontal and Flipped books rollouts changed to Shelves number(%)
* Help documentation was moved from the package to the website
* Books are generated in portions: shelf after shelf
* Name field was removed from UI
Fixed bugs
! Zero shelf dimensions along with Scale books option caused Bm to create unlimited number of books and freezes Bm with 3ds Max
! The same polygon can be added several times
! 3ds Max 2017-2018 error if 3ds Max command panel is undocked

Bookmanager 1.12 (November 2016)

* Support for 3ds Max 2017

Bookmanager 1.11 (February 21 2013)

Fixed bugs
! Horizontal books weren't replaced with vertical if they don't fit the shelf dimensions or shelf fill parameter.

Bookmanager 1.1 (February 1 2013)

New features:
+ Horizontal books random rotation
+ Horizontal books random shift
+ Ability to set quantity of rotated and shifted Horizontal books
+ Ability to flip only Horizontal or only Vertical books
+ Ability to save user settings
* Support for 3ds Max language packs
* Default values are appropriate for different system units
* More random placement of horizontal, leaning and vertical groups of books
Fixed bugs
! Command Panel causes the error when it is not docked to the right

Bookmanager 1.0 (July 30 2012)

New features:
+ Ability to place books directly into shelf polygons with auto and manual shelf adding mode
+ Create books as instances
+ Flipped books
+ Ability to set how much shelves have Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books
+ Ability to set random quantity of Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books on different shelves
+ Reset settings to default values
* New UI design with roll-outs
* Shelf thickness was replaced by two values: Rows distance and Columns distance
* Horizontal books depth alignment was improved
* Leaning books quantity spinner was replaced with Min/Max quantity slider
* Horizontal books quantity spinner was improved and replaced with Min/Max stacks
* Horizontal books height algorithm was improved
* Uniform distribution algorithm for books series was improved
* Entering values to Min/Max shelf fill and Min/Max books in series spinners was improved
* Tooltips for options were added
Fixed bugs
! UVW mapping may be incorrect when books are aligned with the right side of the shelf

Bookmanager 0.9RC (May 28 2012)

Bookmanager is released