Round tables and stools



High-quality 3d models set of stools and round tables. The set includes 2 stools and 3 round tables:
stool 60 (3 legs)
stool E60 (4 legs)
table 90A (d100cm)
table 90B (d75cm)
table 91 (d125cm)

The models are made with much attention to details. They are ready to use: have accurate wireframe, real world scale and reasonable amount of polygons. Easy to change stool and table material from wood to color paint and backward with Multi/Sub-Object material.


  • *.max V-Ray - 3ds Max 2012 or higher
  • *.max Corona - 3ds Max 2012 or higher
  • *.max Scanline - 3ds Max 2012 or higher
  • *.fbx - with mapping without materials
  • *.obj - with mapping without materials

  • *.max MentalRay - by request
  • *.3ds - by request


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