Personal discount

If you have made purchase with us before, you can save more with each additional order. Discount depends on the total amount of all your previous orders.

Bundle discount

Now and always you can buy several volumes at once at a very attractive price. Simply add to you cart two or more volumes and buy them with a discount. For example 2 volumes goes with $10-$20 discount and 10 volumes with $200 discount.

Models from a volume

If you bought a model from any volume you are automatically given a discount on this volume. For example you bought Stand mixer KitchenAid Artisan 3d model for $35. This model is from Vol.01 Accessories. After a purchase you will be given a $35 discount for Vol.01 collection so its price for you is $115 instead of $150.

Seasonal discounts

Once or twice a year we have limited time sales. Follow us to stay in touch: