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Bookmanager 2

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Bookmanager 2 is a great tool for automatic process of books placement. It is written in MAXScript for use in Autodesk 3ds Max software. It has a wide range of features and easy to use interface. Try free demo version and if you like it get the full version. Demo version has Seed option disabled and is limited to the number of books you can add.

  • Horizontal, Leaning and Flipped books
  • Placing books directly on shelf polygons
  • Placing books in array
  • Editing dummy shelf size in viewport
  • Books series that can be quickly defined by objects name or color
  • Books alignment within the shelf length or depth
  • Books cloning option
  • Books scaling option
  • Books quantity settings
  • Seed option with buttons for quick Seed change
  • Randomness option for all main settings
  • Predefined and user presets
  • Option to test and fix book pivot allows to use any 3rd-party books

books (31) , script (2)