Trial period

ReDeform is a commercial plugin by model+model. After the first installation 45 days Trial period is automatically applied. During Trial period a fully-functional ReDeform version works free of charge. Trial period should be used to review, demonstrate and evaluate the plugin. After Trial period ends you need to buy and activate a license to continue using ReDeform.

To activate ReDeform license:

  1. Make sure that you have an internet connection
  2. Run 3ds Max and apply ReDeform modifier to any object
  3. Click on License/About button in the ReDeform Interface
  4. Click on Activate license button in the appeared window
  5. Enter you login credentials to model+model account
  6. Click Activate

After the activation the license is linked to the computer and can only be used on that computer. You can transfer the license by removing it from the licensed computer via ReDeform interface or from your account on model+model website and running an activation process again on another computer. ReDeform needs an active internet connection at least once a month to check the active license and automatically prolong it. If you find any problems during activation please contact us.

Network version

Network Version is a special ReDeform version to be used on workstations that haven't ReDeform license. You may use Network version on rendering machines without the need to collapse the geometry before the render or for using on the workstations where ReDeform is not installed. Network Version is free of charge and allows you to open and work with the scenes that were made with ReDeform, but it doesn't allow you to edit any ReDeform options.


model+model have carefully tested ReDeform plugin but there will always remain a probability of incorrect result during work. A customer is responsible to check the ReDeform during Trial Period on a customer software before the license purchase. In case of any problems, model+model guarantees, if applicable the correction of the plugin in a reasonable delay and/or the necessary advice to the user by our technical support specialists.

ReDeform can be used for personal or commercial projects on the computer where the license was activated. ReDeform can not be sold, assigned, or freely distributed (either separately or packaged/included with any other products/files). ReDeform Network version can be distributed without limitations with your project files when needed.

All copyrights belong to model+model, none of these rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. All rights are protected by intellectual property laws, international treaty provisions, and other applicable laws. The installation and the usage of ReDeform mean the acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms do not install or use the plugin.